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5 things you can do with your dog during quarantine to pass time

Hey there,

Lily and I here again, its almost easter weekend and as we know that you are all living through hard times right now, so we figured that probably most of us are either dying to get out or love getting to stay at home. We hope, no matter which type of person you are, you will find something interesting to match you in this post. I am definitely the stay-home person, while lily must go out, so I actually struggled emptying her energy while staying in. I feel like this really helped me make this time more enjoyable for both of us.

1. You can finally teach your dog those new tricks you wanted

You know those tricks you always wish your dog could do or that you see other dogs doing and you say to yourself that you will teach that to you dog? Well now is the time. Tricks are more than just giving the paw or rolls, a trick can also be something as fundamental as “sit”, “stay” or “come”. I remember when we first taught Lily how to sit, she wanted that treat-o so badly, she sat on her second try of the command. The key part is to not give up. Some commands might be easy while others might take more time. For us the command “come” and “stay” was so incredibly hard. On one of our first tries, we thought she had learned it already, but instead it ended with six of our family members having to chase her through a farm, AND obviously screaming LILY over 300 times. Don’t give up, be persistent no matter the trick and you will be so proud of the bond you will create with your dog in the meantime.

2. You can learn new ways to do dog Behavioral enrichment

I honestly didn’t know how important this could be, until we tried it with Lily. For those who don’t know this technique, it is basically finding new and creative ways to improve your dog’s behaviors by challenging their surroundings. There are so many ways you can make your house more interesting for your dog, especially if they have destructive tendencies and are not getting all that energy out because of the quarantine. Lily wasn’t always into different things so this is what worked for us:

Slow bowl eater. If there is something lily took from it, it was that she learned to chew while eating and now she takes her sweet time to chew on everything from fruits to kibbles over ice cubes and leaves.

A Kong, is a great solution to distract your dog for a period of time, while getting their mind tired hence pulling some energy out. You can fill them with fruits, dry food, wet food, treats or peanut butter. Literally anything you want and the best part in Lily’s eyes… you can freeze it.

3. Catch up on your dog’s hygiene routines

I believe this is of ultimate importance. Yes, I own a Samoyed puppy and I know it’s not recommended to wash your dog often. However, dog showering routines apart, there are so many other ways you can clean your dog every day to keep their hygiene and yours in check. There are a few ways to clean your dog other than showers. You can use wet wipes, you can use dry shampoo, you could honestly use a cloth that you can re-use after with a bit of soap and water or you can rinse their paws.

I think this is actually one of Lily’s tricks we are the proudest of. Every time we go out with her for a walk and come home, she knows she must go straight to the balcony and wait for us there sitting to have her paws cleaned. She even gives the paw when you come near her with the cloth, but she hates being dry-washed as she loves to shower.

Especially during this time, we are living in right now, it is very important to clean your dog after walks to make sure they are not posing risks to you and your family or themselves. There are guidelines for homemade, dog safe and natural cleaning sprays you can use on your dog to help them get their hygiene up after walks and not bring the virus in. However, each country does it differently. We for instance use a spray with white vinegar and water and a little bit of coconut-based soap.

4. You can do some work out sessions together

I have to admit, I am not a working-out person but I have been seeing a lot of workout challenges with your dog online, so I decided to give it a try and it was sooo cute. I honestly went for easy workouts like beginner Yoga, Crunches and some Running. My absolute favorite was kiss-crunches-paw-crunches-lick-crunches-rest but there are so many more you can try out. If you are allowed to go out with your dog you can both do an early morning running session to avoid people and still get some action done. You can also add some toy fetching to make things more interesting and tiring for your dog. However, there is honestly also a lot you can do at home if your country has strict quarantine rules. You can try dog arm curls, love – crunches (like I did), or you can simply do some yoga. Hint, I used lots of love, treat-o’s and doggy massage for the yoga to work.

5. You can Netflix and Cuddle with your dog

If there is one thing, I am happy about during this quarantine time, it is the cuddle times I get with Lily. She needs a lot of attention which means once her energy runs out, thanks to those home workouts, she is so happy to cuddle as she knows she will get belly rubs and head scratches. If you are like me and love movies and series, which obviously means Netflix, combine those two things together and rub and scratch your dog while binge watching your new favorite series.

There is no reason you cannot use this time to spend it with your dog. Its free love you can give your dog while killing time.

We love you and we hope that you guys are safe, together we can go through this and come out stronger.

See you soon and happy Easter

Bork Bork

Lily & Mari

© Copyrights 2020

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