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Hello Borking World

Hello There,

I’m Lily, but you probably knew that already, my mommy’s name is Mari. This is our first ever blog, so please be patient with us as we are very excited to share our lives with you. Our story together started almost eight months ago and since then, our lives have never been the same.

Lily is our little force of nature, you can’t not notice her, she is very energetic, playful, sassy but above all adorable. Our life together is never dull, which basically means every day is a live and learn experience.

We just wanted to welcome you guys into our lives and I hope you can take something from our experience together. Stick around and find out, how an overly controlling mother and an excessively agitated Samoyed, learn how to live together.

See you soon and stay safe.

Bork Bork

Lily & Mari

© Copyrights 2020

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